Rates Penalties and Remissions

Overdue Rates - Installment Penalty

A 10% penalty will be added on the next business day to any instalment not paid by the due date.
Only moneys actually receipted in the offices of the Hurunui District Council before the close of business will be accepted as paid on that date.

Rates remission Policy on land affected by earthquakes 

The purpose of this policy is to provide a mechanism for staff and Council to remit rates where a rating unit has been affected by the November 2016 earthquakes and related aftershocks. This policy will be applicable to properties where the rating value of the property has not been reassessed by QV due to the damage resulting from the earthquakes. This policy takes effect from 1 July 2017 and is applicable until 30 June 2018 or when the damage has been repaired and the property owner can resume occupation, whichever is sooner.

Hurunui District Council bank account number is:

Due dates for the rating year will be:

  Due Date Penalty Date
Installment 1      20 August         21 August        
Installment 2 20 November  21 November 
Installment 3 20 February  21 February 
Installment 4 21 May  21 May 







When these dates fall on a weekend or public holiday the next working day will be the due date.                                                                                                                      

Arrears Penalty

A further additional charge of 10% will be added to all rates and additional charges from the previous rating year remaining unpaid on 1 July . A further additional charge of 10% will be added to any rates to which the additional charge referred to in this paragraph is added and remains unpaid on 1 January.

Remission of Penalty

Additional charges may be remitted in accordance with the following criteria:

All rates must be paid in full, as a general rule, before remission is considered.

Remission of subsequent additional charges where satisfactory arrangements are in place for regular payment of arrears.

Complete an  application for Rates penalty remission and send to the Rates Services, PO Box 13, Amberley 7441.


Rates are a charge against the land, and must be paid regardless of who is the owner/occupier. If you feel unpaid arrears are the responsibility of the previous owner, contact them direct about reimbursement, or advise your solicitor. If you have recently purchased this property and unpaid arrears appear on your rates assessment, it is in your interest to ensure they are paid immediately.

Remission & Postponement of rates

Statutory provision exists for the Council to remit or postpone rates in cases of extreme financial hardship.  The Council has a policy of considering the postponement of rates where hardship exists.  Postponed rates are a charge against the property and must be paid either at the end of the postponement term or when the property is sold.
Interest will be charged on postponed rates for new applicants at the Council's cost of capital, (currently 10%) without incurring additional charges.

Canterbury Regional Council

The Council acts as agent for the collection of rates for the Canterbury Regional Council who determine their own rates.