Abandoned and illegally parked motor vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

It is illegal to park a vehicle which is unregistered and/or unwarranted on Council road reserve. From time to time vehicles are abandoned on roads and road reserve. If you discover an unregistered and/or unwarranted vehicle please contact our Roading Department or phone 03 3148816

Once an abandoned vehicle has been identified a Council Officer will add a 'Sticker' to the vehicle  and try to make contact, in writing, with the owner. In most cases the owner will have 10 days from the date of the letter to remove the vehicle.  

Failure to do any of the following will result in the removal and eventual disposal of the vehicle:

Note, that the vehicle is deemed to have no monetary value to council. All costs, where possible, will be passed on to the last registered owner. (As per Local Government Act (No. 6).

We prefer to work with owners to discuss a way forward. Please talk to us if you find yourself in this position.