Temporary Fencing

There are a large number of grass berms in the district that have been fenced to graze the “long acre”. Generally this is not a problem, if:

 This type of fence will not require to be licenced, but the installer needs to be aware they are fully liable for costs if any damage occurs to the road, Service infrastructure  or vehicles, as a result of their operation.


There are however a number of more permanent fences that have been erected with more permanent posts & wire or post & batton. Unless there is a legal licence to occupy the road - These are dangerous to the public, illegal and need to be removed.

Please note you require an approved traffic management plan to dismantle the fence structure.

These traffic management plans will need to be submitted by an STMS approved person. Most roading contractors can help with this, and may charge for the plan and setting up the site. There is no Council fee, charged for the approval of the plan.

People with fence types that are potentially a safety risk to road users are encouraged to remove the fencing as soon as possible. Council will be auditing the road network over the next few months to ensure compliance with this request. Should the fences remain the council will employ a contractor to remove these and the property owner will be invoiced for the works.