Hurunui Bridges

There are 283 bridges in the Hurunui district. Bridges form an integral part of the road infrastructure in providing safe and uninterrupted road crossing to rivers and streams.

Bridge maintenance includes for a 3-5 year full bridge stock assessment in terms of identification of all bridge repairs and rehabilitations issues (needs), financial planning (whole-of-life costs and investment into the future) and

identification of all associated risks and hazards (with associated management strategy to minimise, mitigate or remove these impediments).

“Take the proper action at the right time”.
Maintenance needs for the older bridges have outpaced available resources, requiring the need for improved repair techniques to meet the whole-of-life expectation of the asset. Many of our older bridges were constructed out of timber, and although assessed independently as being “well maintained to date”, require concrete deck replacements to improve the economic life expectancy of the structure and to meet the needs of our ever-demanding road infrastructure.

Because they are important in linking parts of our district we want to ensure they are safe for motorists and in good condition.

Weight and Speed limitations on bridges within the Hurunui:

If you wish to use a vehicle that exceeds the legal weight limits as stated in the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, you may need to apply for an overweight permit for travelling on roads within the Hurunui District. For State Highway roads you need to contact the local New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) office to obtain a permit.

In May 2010 the Government introduced an amended Vehicle Dimension and Mass (VDM) Rule to allow a new class of vehicle called high productivity motor vehicles (HPMVs). These HPMVs can only operate under permit and on specified routes.

Previously the maximum mass limit for a vehicle combination carrying a divisible load without a permit was 44 tonnes. HPMVs will be able to go over that limit and some will be able to be longer than current trucks.

Brodies Road FordThe newly created Ford on Brodies Road, Broomfield is open for heavy traffic. 

The OPUS  tri-annual Bridge inspection has identified Greyburn Bridge as requiring maintenance and some repairs.  To ensure that all traffic can traverse safely the bridge weight limit has been reduced to 50% of Class One  (max 22 tonnes). 

Heavier traffic are able to use the newly created ford. 

For full information pertaining to Over Weight Permits please refer to the NZTA website