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  Simon Maxwell

600 St Leonards Rd,
Isolated Hills Rd, Leaches Rd

 Sat 8 June 2019


Moving livestock along the road, across the road or within 10 metres of Urban boundaries, is an activity that falls under the Hurunui District Council's Livestock movement bylaw 2014.

6.1 For the purposes of clarification, this bylaw does not apply to State Highways which are controlled by Transit New Zealand.

As you are required to abide by this bylaw when making application for a permit, we ask that you take the time to familiarise yourself with it, please give us a call and talk through your proposed route so we can help you to safely move along the roads under our control. 

Application for Stock movement within 10 metres of Urban Boundaries

Prior to moving livestock you are required to make application for a permit. This permit must be carried with you at the time of stock movement and produced on request. This is an online application which must be completed 10 working days prior to the planned movement. There is no charge for this permit. 

In November 2009 a meeting was held between Farmers, Ratepayers and Council. At that meeting it was decided to have a sign erected at the Waiau Bridge for drovers to fill the details of when they were going to cross. This would give notice to the travelling public so they could plan their trips across the bridge. With the stock moving season approaching it is time to remind farmers who wish to move stock of the main conditions for doing so.

  1. Application for a livestock movement permit must be made at least 10 working days before proposed stock movement in accordance with the Livestock Movement Bylaw 2014. (Note dates & times can be changed because of weather etc) but Council must be notified and Clause two (if applicable) must be adhered to.
  2. Applicant if crossing the Waiau Bridge must fill in the sign at each end of the bridge at least 24 hours prior to any movement.  Currently under review and will be assessed on a case by case application
  3. An appropriate notice is to be placed in the local newspapers by the applicant. Currently under review and will be assessed on a case by case application
  4. Maximum herd size 500 head.
  5. No more than one herd will be permitted under this clause in any 24 hour period.
  6. A minimum of 4 drovers are required for up to 300 head and an 2 additional drovers for every additional 100 head
  7. All streets within urban areas to be taped along the edges of seal to prevent cattle going onto grass verges. Tapes are to be removed immediately following the last animal passing.
  8. All intersections to be manned by at least 2 drovers unless the crossing is taped. Any tapes across carriageways must have attached to them appropriate visible warning flags or similar.
  9. Herds must be held off feed for at least 12 hours before cattle reach an urban boundary
  10. If moving stock through either Waiau or Culverden townships, the route through township to be specified in permit issued by HDC – (generally will be Highfield, Clarence, Leslie and Parnassus Streets, in Waiau : Montrose and St Leonards Streets and School Rd in Culverden)
  11. Cattle excrement is to be shovelled or swept off sealed surfaces to ensure it can dry quickly so that vehicles passing through it are not splattered.
  12. Cattle should be moved continuously but in unforeseen circumstances when the herd has to be stopped resulting in excess excrement, the road surface shall be cleaned with a high pressure hose
  13. These conditions are additional to those already included in the by-law in Clause 8.1(b)

Application for Regular Stock Crossing

Moving livestock from one side of the road to another on a regular basis requires a permit.

Application is subject to the following conditions:

  1. If any of the following increase during the term of this permit a new application must be made:
              - maximum number of livestock crossing the road
              - frequency of crossing the road
              - the area grazed on either side of the road
  2. If the livestock crossing or its management are deemed to be inadequate in terms of the permit conditions Council may suspend the permit until those conditions are satisfied or cancel the permit if the inadequacies are not rectified.
  3. Fees & Charges  - Hurunui District Council bank account number is Westpac 03-0802-0946666-00 or post: Roading, PO Box 13, Amberley 7441 

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