Unsealed Roads

There are 853 kilometres of unsealed road in the district.

Each year we spend in the order of $650,000 to maintain their structural integrity and serviceability. This includes regular grading and maintenance of the running course potholes and corrugations. Half of this comes in the form of subsidies from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

36,000 cubic metres of maintenance metal are also applied at a cost of $565,000 annually to ensure a safe, well-maintained and reasonable driving surface.

Unsealed roads are by nature difficult to maintain and how long they last between grading cycles is dependant upon the weather, quality of material, drainage, nature of the traffic, and driving habits of the road user (quick acceleration, hard braking and sustained traction loss.)

Please contact us if you have any concerns about the state of any sealed or unsealed road.  These include: potholes; corrugations; high shoulders; poor drainage; dangerous trees; un-mown shoulders; exposed bony or rocky material; excessive loose metal; and wheel rutting or scouring.

Frequently asked roading questions


Dust is a social and environmental nuisance that can cause respiratory problems for nearby residents, sight-distance problems for road users, growth problems for nearby crops, dirt problems for nearby houses and washing lines, reduced vehicle life due to increased friction in exposed moving and contact parts, and erosion resulting from wind and water action.

Unfortunately there is little we can do to combat dust problems on unsealed roads, especially during hot summer days, though we may allow you to oil the road, providing you adhered to certain guidelines.

Loch Katrine and Lake Sumner Access Gate

The Council has been advised that the locked gate between Loch Katrine and Lake Sumner has been relocated approximately 500m north and is now on Crown pastoral lease land, not the legal (Council controlled) road.

Pedestrian access is still available.  Boat access is via the canal.  Please refer any enquiries regarding the gate to the Lakes Station Partnership.