Stormwater Management

Stormwater management refers to our commitment to manage the quantity and quality of stormwater through public drains. This includes:

Stormwater flooding

Floodwater inundation of land or property can be caused by stormwater overwhelming the capacity of existing drainage systems. Although triggered by single events such as flash flooding, the economic, social and environmental consequences can be quite considerable. Factors such as climate change, infill housing, aging stormwater systems and overgrown drains may all impact on the ability of the stormwater systems to handle normal rainfall events.

If you are experiencing frequent flooding, particularly if it involves flooding of habitable floor areas, please contact us.

Erosion and sediment control

If you are going to carry out earthworks (as defined in the district plan)  you need to ensure that erosion and sedimentation controls are put in place in accordance with Environment Canterbury’s Erosion and Sediment Control Guideline 2007.

Global Discharge Consent

The final notice of decision for the Amberley Global Discharge Consent was issued on 19 November 2014 by Environment Canterbury (ECan). For a copy of the Amberley Global Discharge Consent Decision click here

The application of the Global Discharge Consent for Hanmer Springs is under preparation and will be lodged with Environment Canterbury soon.

Stormwater Asset Management Plan

The purpose of Stormwater Asset Management Plan (AMP) is to ensure that the stormwater assets are operated and maintained in a sustainable and cost effective manner, so that they provide the required level of service for the present and future customers.

The second version of the Stormwater AMP has been issued and endorsed in November 2014. For a copy of the AMP click here

Stormwater Management Bylaw

The purpose of the Stormwater Management Bylaw is to manage stormwater in the Hurunui District, thus protecting people, property and the environment, by minimising the impacts and effects of flooding, erosion and environmental pollution.

The Stormwater Management Bylaw is under currently development.